Quest Xian

The How-To, Real-Answers, Explain-It-All, Maybe-It-Doesn't-Mean-What-They-Say, God-Trusting, Bible-Believing, Save-By-Jesus Church


Change Your Life

Start Your Journey of Practical Spiritual Growth


Whole-Person, Whole-Life Spirit, Soul, Body & Heart

Living a Life of Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Gentleness, Faith, and Self-Control

Quest Xian 1 Cover

Quest Xian Christianity 1

A Book of General Application for Christians of all denominations 

Quest Xian 2 Cover

Quest Xian Christianity 2

A book for Quest Xian style of Christianity

Not Your Usual Church

  • Hard Questions Welcome

  • Impossible Questions Preferred

  • Counter-Points Accepted

  • Reality as a Book of the Bible

  • Whole-Person, Whole-Life Faith

Some Core Principles

  • Reality is More Important Than Anything We Believe

  • All Principles Must Be Consistently Applied

  • The Bible is the Undisputed Primary Source Material for Christianity

  • The Books are the Right Books, and the Words are the Right Words

  • Faith is the Logical Extension of What We Know to What We Do Not Know for Sure


A different kind of spiritual support...

The Pastor

A lot of things you might not expect ...

August 4, 2017

Scot Conway

About the only thing conventional in his path to being a pastor is earning a Ph.D. from a seminary and being a lay leader in other churches along the way.

He's also known as "Grandmaster Scot" because he invested 45 years in martial arts training in a Christian martial arts called Guardian Kempo Kajuko Do.

He earned his bachelor's in Criminal Justice, earn a law degree, became a lawyer, real estate broker, author, and more. His resume is pretty crazy.

So when he teaches on matters of faith, he comes to it with a breadth of training and experience.

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